Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birthday Party in the Fast Lane

Here are a few DIY party decorations for a race car theme party. 

Our little rock star is turning 5, and we are throwing him a birthday party! We are going to order pizza and have cake and ice cream (easy and kid friendly) 
I whipped up a few decorations, using things I already had around the house :D
First the tissue balls
A fellow blogger inspired me to make the awesome tissue ball. (you can check out her AMAZING blog here and her "how to" on the tissue puffs here) I decided to make one large tissue ball, and hang it from our dining room light. Then I added 3 paper circles on yarn below it.

How to make the tissue ball:
Using 1 pack of tissue, fold it accordion style (think paper fan from grade school)
Tie center with string
Trim edges to a point or rounded
Pull each piece out one at a time, and fluff
Hang and enjoy!
*You could even add some of those decorative picks or even feathers into the ball!
DIY fabric garland
This project was inspired by my high school cheerleading squad. We use to make our hair ties this way. I made 6 small garlands, one for each chair, and then I hung a checkered flag on each. The result is a festive dining room! The best part about this project was the fact that I used scrap fabric and yarn I already had on hand, so it was completely free!

How to make fabric garland:
Cut string or yarn to desired length
Cut fabric into strips. Length and width are up to you ( I did 1” by 4”)
Tie fabric to yarn alternating colors
Hang garland and enjoy
*you can also use tulle, ribbon, rickrack, feathers etc to add interest.
*another cute idea would be to tie fabric onto a string of lights, plug in and WOW!
Silver wear holders
So I drink a LOT of coffee, and always have a surplus of plastic coffee canisters on hand. We have used them for projects, painting, keeping homemade play doh fresh etc. I thought they would make cute silver wear holders for the party. All I did was glue on some ribbon, and make mini checkered flags (I used a black marker and ruler) and glue the flags on. PRESTO! Cute silver wear holders. Again, I had everything for this project on hand.

Checkered flag banner

Using my Cricut, I used the wild Card cartridge and cut out the argyle pattern onto black paper, then glued it onto white paper. I then cut out a triangle, or the flag. After I made several flags that way, I glued them to ribbon, and you now have a checkered flag banner! It was very easy and provides a great end result.