Friday, October 7, 2011


Welcome! My name is Melissa Jean, and this is my blog, All with a Manicure. I plan to have my blog contain my DIY projects, cooking fun, some frugal finds, and all of my learning experiences along the way.
A bit about myself, and my first ever blog (that’s right this is my FIRST blog-eek! :) Try not to critique too hard) First of all, the title, “All with a Manicure” is a bit misleading. I very rarely have my nails done, not that I don’t LOVE to get manis, I just ruin them the second I get them done! Being a busy mom of an almost 5 year old boy, and loving to craft, pretty nails and I don’t mix.  If you had hopes to find pretty nails on this blog, I am sad to tell you that you may be let down. Then why the name you ask…. Good question!
Oh, and yes I said a mom to an almost 5 year old boy. Some of you may know what that means: dirt, cuts, bruises, bikes, sports, pretty much craziness! Who am I kidding? My son is as good as they come, but I am bias. ;)  I am also a wife to an amazing and very patient man. (Lord knows he needs to be with me as a wife) Although my hubby isn’t home much, because his job requires him to be gone a lot (big sad face) when he is home he never complains about my crazy projects, or pulling the car over so I can pull something out of some ones garbage. Yes I really do that.
One last note worth mentioning, I am horrible with grammar, spelling, well let’s just say writing in general. Let me take a moment to apologize about all of the above.
Now let’s get on with the DIY shall we!

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