Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Etch Glass

Here is a glass etching tutorial for you. My husband and I did this last Christmas for gifts, and they went over REALLY WELL! (that’s right my wonderful hubby helped me, he’s such a good sport)
What you will need:
Glass etching cream (found at craft stores for about 15-20 bucks)
Rubber gloves
Small craft paint brush
Contact paper
Paper punch or exacto knife
Newspaper or drop cloth
You will also need access to a sink because you will need to rinse the etching cream off the glass.

The first step is to cut your contact paper to size. Since I was making snow flake etchings, I cut small square pieces.

Then use your punch to punch through the contact paper. You could also use the exacto knife and create your own design. After you have done that, peel and stick the contact paper firmly to your glass object.
Next, with gloves on, paint on the etching cream and let sit according to the directions on the bottle.
After you have let the cream sit, and with your gloves still on, rinse with water and take off the contact paper.
You now have a cute etched gift!

Some ideas of object to etch are:
Glass mugs
Glass pitchers
Glass cups
Glass serving bowls
Glass plates
Candle holders
You can even go as far as to etch designs onto windows and glass doors.

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