Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Project Time

Happy weekend to you all! What are your plans this weekend? Do they involve shoveling snow? LUCKY! However, here in the south (as I always call it) we are going to be somewhere in the mid to upper 70s this weekend (which would be fine if it were September, but it’s NOVEMBER!). So with all this nice weather, I am going to attempt to start my table overhaul! What is this table I speak of you may wonder, here is the story….
Well, since you asked; Last spring my oh so amazing and very understanding hubby drove me the hour to Oklahoma City so I could buy an old and very beat up table and chairs out of some guys shop. HA! My hubby loaded it up in our trailer, no questions asked, and away we went. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! Sadly, for the last 6 months it has sat in our garage (big sad face) BUT THIS WEEKEND I PLAN TO GET A GOOD START ON IT!
First, I plan on taking all the seats off of the chairs, disassembling them, tossing the old foam and yucky fabric, then sand all the chairs. (That should be the easy part) Then I hope to get started on the table… my only problem is moving the big thing.
I should also mention that I have decided to paint, rather than stain, my table and chairs and here is why: First of all I have never worked with stain on such a large scale… So I was a bit intimidated to start out with. Second I have my new spray gun (YAY) Third, I want the table and chairs to be black to match the hutch we already have. With that said if I don’t like the outcome, maybe I will try to stain it… who knows.
I have already ordered and picked up the fabric for the chairs. I chose this….

A dark red fabric, with branches that are brown and black. Since our dining room is Red, with brown curtains and we have a black hutch I thought it would tie in with everything perfectly! I purchased the fabric at Jo Anns during one of their %50 off home décor fabric sales.  I hope to have enough fabric left over to also make a matching table runner :D
As I stated above it’s already November, I had originally  hoped to have this project done in time for my grandparents visit in October…. Now I am hoping for it to be done in time for our kiddos 5th birthday party! Since we moved away from home when he was 2, he has never really had a birthday party. This year though, he is going to have one! He is really into the Disney Cars 2 movie, so we are planning a Cars 2 birthday party… more to come on that!  Right now all we have is our breakfast nook, and I’m having serious doubts about fitting 13 kids around that table!
So here we go!
Here they are- my table and chairs! Aren’t they wonderful! (what a steal for $75 bucks)
And here they are after I primed them....

And here is one painted black... eek! exciting! :D

Half of them in the house.... getting there.....

Ok, so we ran into a minor snag, (we as in my wonderfull hubby and I... see told ya he's a good sport, helping me out and all) when we were taking the cloth off of the old seats, we noticed the wood was falling apart. It was so old and yucky we decided it would be best to make new wooden seat bases...
Isn't he a great man!!! :D So darn handy, and never complains about my crazy projects. (I'm so lucky)

And there they are, the new wooden seat bases (well there is one anyways)...
Alright, on to the table... As you can see we took it apart, I have decided to spray only the legs black. I am going to sand down and stain the top a dark drown. I just think if I paint it all black it will look so dark! So thats the plan... so far any ways ;)
After I went to the city and got enough foam for the chairs, I covered the seats. I think they turned out pretty nice, for my first time anyways! Jack Jack approves of the first chair.



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