Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chocolate Covered Oranges

It’s about time for a cooking post, don’t you think? Although chocolate covered oranges don’t really involve cooking I thought I would share them any ways.
The school my son attends still allows homemade snacks, and knowing how rare that is these days I thought I would take advantage of that and whip up something with some TLC.
I try to serve healthy snacks, but I know that can be hard with young kids (you have to get creative sometimes). My grand idea- I dressed up some orange slices with chocolate and sprinkles! Will the kids know they are getting a healthy snack, or think they are eating candy? (sneaky sneaky)

What you will need:
Oranges- I used Cuties brand, because they are easy to peel, sweet and seedless.
Chocolate Chips
Vegetable Shortening- for thinning out the chocolate
Wax Paper
Cookie Sheet

How to make Chocolate Covered Oranges:
·        Peel and separate the oranges

·        Melt your chocolate
You can melt your chocolate in the microwave. I used my fondue pot.
You may need to add some vegetable shortening to think out the chocolate.  

·        Line your cookie sheet with wax paper
·        Dip your oranges in the chocolate then set them on the wax paper
·        Sprinkle with sprinkles

·        Let harden in the refrigerator
·        Enjoy : )

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