Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Color Change

Hello every one!
I hope your holiday season went well! I know ours did! We have been so very busy, but I am back and ready to continue working on my blog.

Wondering what is new here in "the south"? Well the color of our dining room sure is!

We have been in our house for about 9 months now, and although I do like the traditional colors in our very traditional style home, I really love the look of the relaxed or shabby chic inspired style. The very bold colors in our house don't tie in real well with that style so I decided to paint our dining room. Why the dining room you ask, good question I am not really sure what inspired this random act of crazyness, haha, but here we are none the less.
 As you can see in the previous post, Birthday Party in the Fast Lane, our dining room use to be red. We liked the red, my husband liked the red a lot actually, but after some persuasion he agreed to let me paint it. I did tell him if he really didnt like the color I would paint it back red, but lucky for me he doesn't mind the new color.

We ended up painting it "relaxed navy" found at Lowes, and this is what it looks like now...

Well what do you think? I really like it...but... the rest of the house is still painted in a very traditional color palette. Oh well I guess I will need to paint the rest of the house! ha ha ha. 

Do you remember the table and chairs that are now in the dining room? They were the ones in the posting "weekend project". Oh yes, those are the ones! I think they turned out just great, and I am pleased to show them off. Of course now I will need new fabric for the seats, but oh well.

I would say I am about half way done with our dining room. I plan to get new window treatments, and also a rug for under the table perhaps? I also want to find some botanical prints for the east wall, it is a bit naked at the moment; and you know me, it will be a DIY project. I am thinking about hunting down an old botanical calendar, and framing some of the pictures. 

Overall, we are happy with the dining room...so onto the next room right ;)


  1. Color is awesome! Also I want to steal your buffet table!!!!

  2. Thank you Ashley! We found it at a local shop down here. I see a lot of them on line though- you are so crafty I KNOW you could redo one and make it look great!