Sunday, January 29, 2012

Distressed Letter Signs

I found the cutest DIY “eat” sign on a fellow crafters blog and decided to give it a shot. I modified mine a bit, so it could be set atop our kitchen cabinets.

First I cut the wood and sanded the edges a bit. Then I gathered my supplies, and picked the colors I wanted. I didn’t really fuss over to colors too much.
Then I painted on a different color onto each wood block. I let the first color dry, then I sanded it with my hand sander. I did this once more using different colors.

I then printed out my letters on paper and cut them out (this was before I had my cricut) I then laid the letters on the wood and simply painted over them. I was careful to keep them in the same spot, but it was pretty easy.
Peel the letters off, let the paint dry and sand again.

Our eat sign is still lonely above our cabinets, but we are in the works for a kitchen remodel…

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